Hampstead       TAIJI QUAN



Hampstead       TAIJI QUAN


All classes are open to beginners and experienced students

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18:30 - 19:30 - Chen Basics

Introduction to Chen Taiji Quan with

Chansi Gong (silk reeling) and the ‘Four Directions’

abbreviated form from Laojia.

Instructor: Millicent Hodson / Darrell Siebert

19:30 - 20:00 - Chen Sword Form

Instructor: Millicent Hodson / Darrell Siebert

20:00 - 21:00 - Chen Style Taiji

Chen Laojia Yi Lu (Old frame form 74 Part) and Chen Taiji Shan (fan) form.

Instructor: Millicent Hodson / Darrell Siebert

Classes take place at:

Hampstead Community Centre

78 Hampstead High Street, NW3 1RE

Class Prices: £12 per hour class

                  £6 per half-hour class

*Co-Founder and Instructor Shira Klasmer is currently on maternity leave.

MONDAYS: On-going Classes


(Yang style) Shira Klasmer Tel: 07838 339 948        (Chen style) Millicent Hodson Tel: 07549 919 320



Contact us if you want to join. New students are welcome all through the year.

Hampstead Community Centre

Private and Corporate classes

Other classes we run:

Royal Free Hospital  - Cancerkin Department (Private)

Lucis Trust Library - Central London (Private)

Southbank International School (Private)

Millicent and Shira run private and small group classes in Central and North West London area.

If you want a lunch-time or after work class for you and your work colleagues we can run a detailed and specifically tailor made program to reduce stress, increase energy and concentration, improve flexibility, balance, co-ordination and your health in general.

We also teach one on one sessions specifically aimed for your needs.

Please contact us for more information and pricing